What do you like about technology?

Respond to any of the following:

  • What do we value about using technology in teaching writing?
  • How does this philosophy take shape in our classroom?
  • How do we approach pedagogy in different ways due to our interest in technology?
  • Best Practices: Share digital literacy strategies
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    4 Responses to “What do you like about technology?”

    1. S Says:

      Technology is another tool that provides a teacher with different methods of gathering, presenting, and developing information. As a future educator, I value the different methods that are avaliable to teachers and students. Having a classroom filled with computers, projectors, internet access, dry erase boards with Mimic Board technology, etc are all new and important ways to teach students through different methods.
      Different sources of information that can be evalutated by the professor and then used by the student can only increase producitivty in the classroom. Being able to communicate with a teacher/students outside the classroom via email and discussion board is another important aspect to why students need to be exposed to technology in the classroom.

    2. Sean Stollhaus Says:

      I think that technology is an important part of teaching writing in the modern world. Technology allows writers access to much more infomation broadening the the scope of their creativity and allowing them to experience things they would never be able to.
      Having technology in the classroom gives the students a chance to use programs and hardware that may not be avalaibe at home. It gives students the ability to expand their world and their minds.
      Diffrent teachers have diffrent approaches to how technology should be used in the classroom. It could be very limited or very intergrated. Some teachers still like the old ways of teaching using books and concrete resources while others would encourage emersion into the abstarct world of the internet and technology. I would use a mixture of the two allowing students to explore the online world but making use of the information they find in their immediate surroundings.

    3. Angela Says:

      Technology has improved so quickly and so much in my 10 + years of teaching that my head is still spinning. I really think that I am not as afraid of trying new technology in my classroom because I am used to the changes now. I am less intimidated than some because I jumped in early…now, things change so often, I think teachers give up on trying to keep up with it. Another stopper might be that the curricular changes and added teacher responsibilites. Time has been sucked up with these changes, and unfortunately, technology isn’t necessarily thrown into the mix in most cases. Perhaps if technology drops into these changes, we can utilize and update as needed?

    4. wagener Says:

      Technology is important in that it can really facilitate and help supplement the collaborative aspect to writing that authors like Murray write so much about. However, we must make sure that technology does not surpass (too much) the supplemental aspect. Like any other tool, technology is nothing without the human being behind it, and once the human being is supplanted by the technology, the ghost in the machine becomes all too corporeal.

      Technology is a tool; nothing more. May we as teachers never forget the students that are using the technology lest we forget our priorities.

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